A Few Skin Deep Thoughts


Now that I’m going public, I feel the need to ask if it’s crazy that something so shallow, my skin, can affect me so deeply.  I suppose that’s the reasoning behind the title of my blog.  It’s an argument against the old adage – Beauty is only skin deep.

In my case, my skin has uncovered things I would otherwise never know about myself.  This is the nature of holistic healing.  Taking a leap of faith to consider the idea that the only way to completely heal is to address more than the physical factors.  I can have the perfect diet (and trust me, I have) and yet my skin remains the same.  Yes, there may be physical factors that cause the issue, and there are certainly medicines I can take that mask it enough to present the world with clear skin.  But I am not here to put a band-aid on the problem anymore.  That only makes it worse.

I believe the only way to truly heal is to consider the non-physical causes as well.  I’ll tell you right now, this is the toughest part.  Facing old emotions and changing old patterns of thinking takes a lot of conscious effort.  It’s painful and frustrating and so easy to simply lose faith in the process and continue simply looking for a physical reason behind everything.  I have not even touched on the spiritual side of it all either.

So why have faith in something that you cannot measure?  I suppose in my case it is a last ditch effort.  I feel like I need to approach this thing from every possible angle.  I need every bit of ammunition I can get.  If I were perfectly honest, maybe it’s desperation.

What I do know, is that whether or not facing these deep-seated issues is helping my skin doesn’t matter.  It’s helping me.  And from a purely logical standpoint (the standpoint I tend to back) that leaves no reason not to approach my skin from the holistic point of view.

It’s been about two and a half months since I started considering the mental, emotional and spiritual causes of my skin.  I can vouch that I have learned more about myself in these last couple months than I ever have.  I’m learning to stand up for me.  I’m learning who “me” really is.  Whether or not this is helping my skin, it’s helping me as a person.

Maybe when I find my spiritual path I will find more faith about the holistic approach.  But for now, I rest on the logical argument.  And that’s enough for me.

Intention: To remain optimistic about my skin.

What can I do to uphold my intention: Focus on eating clean, exercising and positive affirmations.

Affirmation: I feel beautiful and free.


Please Share Your Thoughts, Questions or Affirmations Below :)

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