Thoughts About Makeup


I’m not a fan of makeup.  I would go makeup free at all times if my skin was better.  There is something so uncomfortable about it.  I think it’s this idea of hiding my “secret” – my acne.  It’s the same reason I started this blog.  I’m done hiding.  And yet, I am giving myself leeway here because I’m not ready to go out into the world (at least not everywhere) without makeup.

Even when I’m wearing makeup, the problem is not truly covered up.  It’s obvious that there is bad skin underneath.  I get anxiety thinking about how people are going to judge me.  And I worry that the makeup is clogging my pores even more.

So much worry!  But, when I boil all of this down, my anxiety is my choice.  I choose to let these old destructive thought patterns persist.  And it’s not my fault.  Changing the way I think is no easy task!  It requires a lot of conscious effort.

So today my intention is to pay attention to my thoughts.  I will notice when negative thinking patterns start to take over and I will simply stop, take a deep breath, and release those thoughts.

How is this going to help my skin?  From a logical standpoint, stress produces cortisol and cortisol can mess with hormones and create inflammation in the body.  From a holistic perspective, my own self criticism is manifesting in my skin.  I think people are judging me, so in my world, that is what I see happening.  I believe that makeup is clogging my pores, so guess what?  It is!

Intention: To recognize thought patterns that do not serve me and replace them with a positive affirmation.

Affirmation: I am loveable and free.


Please Share Your Thoughts, Questions or Affirmations Below :)

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