A Healthy Reminder…


Sometimes I fall into a downward spiral.  I feel hopeless, pessimistic, ugly, panicked, depressed, and so on.  (Geez, sharing these things on the world wide web where they will potentially live on forever is quite a scary thing…just putting that out there.)  This morning I chose to go for a run.  I used to run all the time.  I used to be obsessive about it to the point where it became unhealthy – that’s a habit I have with everything – diet, work, relationships…  Anyway, after about a week of going downhill, I am so grateful for this rush of endorphins.  I feel powerful again, in a way that I forgot.  When I run I like to think about the toxins sweating out of me.  I like to think I am creating movement in my body to release these things and get one step closer to balance. 

This is just a friendly, healthy reminder.  When I fall into these downward spirals I lose all inspiration.  It’s an effort just to get out of bed.  But if I can just get myself to put on running shoes, to get a good episode of This American Life on my iPod, and to get out the door, things will shift.  I’ve never come back from a run and regretted it. 

Anyway, I’m late for work – and yet, not super concerned – but I should get my day started.  Hope someone reads this and takes my advice.  If not a run, then a walk (or maybe a skip and a cartwheel).  Just do it and trust.

Intention: To lift my spirits by feeding myself healthy thoughts and foods.

Affirmation: I am healing every day.


Please Share Your Thoughts, Questions or Affirmations Below :)

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