The Elusive State of Balance


I’m willing to bet that many people who suffer from acne fall into the “perfectionist” category.  I certainly do.  As a perfectionist, I am a naturally critical person.   If it’s not perfect I give up completely and sabotage myself.  This comes to fruition in my diet, my fitness, my relationships, my job, and my skin.  I have such a hard time functioning comfortably within the middle ground.  I operate best in black and white. This whole gray situation just confuses me.

In seeking perfection, I create rules and structure that quickly take over my life and don’t allow me to experience simple pleasures.  This is most obvious when it comes to my diet.  I’ve literally become afraid of food.  I’ve read up on so many different dietary theories and tried most of them firsthand.  The Clear Skin Prescription, Raw Diet, Food Pairing Diets, PINK Method, Candida Diets, The Body Ecology Diet, The Zone Diet, Paleo, Plant-Based, The Elimination Diet, Juicing, Fasting, Detoxing, and sucking down supplements by the handful.  It’s enough to make anyone dizzy! 

I obsessively adhere to these incredibly strict dietary guidelines and eventually, in a bout of resentment (“why didn’t it fix me?!”), depression, or extreme anxiety, I say “f it” and eat everything and anything in sight that goes against said diet.  It’s a childish mentality.  I’m creating the rules and then I get upset and break them – I mean REALLY break them – I mean carton of ice cream and 3 slices of gingerbread break them…

If I just take a step back and give myself advice, it’s clear that I am lacking balance in all things.  It’s time to embrace the middle ground.  If I’ve learned anything from the dozens of diets I’ve tried and read up on, it’s that common sense always prevails.  In my gut, I know what foods are good for me, and what foods need to be eaten in moderation.  I know that I should not have to gobble down 50 supplements a day (that’s not an exaggeration).  And I know that if I keep restricting and restricting, I will eventually break.

My skin is showing me that I am out of balance.  Yes, on a physical level, my body chemicals are literally out of balance.  But on an emotional and mental level, I need to find this balance as well. 

I’m ready to let go of all the silly rules and use some common sense. 

Intention: To seek and embrace balance in all things.

Affirmation: I set healthy and loving boundaries with myself and others.



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