The 7 Day Mirror Challenge Results

skin deep story acne mirror challenge

I pride myself on being completely open and honest on my blog.  It’s the reason I started it in the first place.  I noticed that because of my skin, I was hiding.  I felt like my skin was a secret and every day I did my best to hide it and avoid the topic altogether.

So in the spirit of openness, here’s the truth.  I didn’t complete my own 7 Day Mirror Challenge!  When I started it, I had such a hard time looking in the mirror.  Just looking at myself has been a struggle!  I have been avoiding the mirror for so long and now I have some sort of Pavlov’s Dog action happening.  I associate looking into it with complete debilitating emotional pain, no matter what I see.  Until attempting this challenge I had no idea how much I’ve been avoiding myself.

I would perform my mirror challenge for a couple of days, then kind of put it off, then try again, and then somehow I would always just “forget.”  My holistic beauty coach, Paula Lacobara (look her up because she is fantastic) would call this “resistance.”  Oh yeah.  Whenever I put something off, or even forget it, it’s ALWAYS some form of inner resistance.

Even now when my skin is starting to clear, I still have such a hard time letting go of my negative feelings about it.  Simply looking at myself in the mirror is a challenge, much less saying nice things about myself!

how to love yourself with acne skin deep storySo, I’m starting fresh today.  7 days of looking at myself, seeing the good things, and maybe the not so good things, but without judgement.  Just pure observation.  Observing what I see, feel and think, and noticing my ego’s patterns of criticism.  I’m a little nervous about starting this up again, but this time I have a new determination.  I even put reminders in my calendar and drew a heart on my mirror so I can’t “forget.”

Wish me luck, and if you connect with this, try your OWN mirror challenge!

All you have to do is take 5 minutes every day to look in the mirror and say 5 positive things about yourself – they can be physical or non physical traits.  Be sure you look deep into your eyes, maybe even your soul, speak out loud, and really mean it!

When action meets intention, miracles happen!

Today’s affirmation: I am filled with hope, inspiration, wisdom and conviction!

Would love to hear your thoughts!  Tell me what you think or just say hello in the comments below 🙂

2 responses to “The 7 Day Mirror Challenge Results

  1. The Kinder Self

    Hey there, are you not happy that your skin is clearing up though? Did you take anything to make your skin clear up?

    • Hi there!

      Yes, I’m doing a lot to clear my skin. I was diagnosed with PCOS in January. That is the cause of my acne so I started taking birth control, 200mg spironolactone, and topicals including HQRA and Acanya Gel. I also recently added Metformin (at 1000mg, trying to build up to 1500mg) to my regime. Plus I take vitamin D and B12 (I have low levels of both), fish oil, vitamin E and zinc. I also exercise regularly and stick to a no sugar, no dairy, no gluten diet. I’ve also cut out soy, eggs, corn and peanuts temporarily to test if I have a reaction to those.

      So…yes, I’m definitely on treatment for my acne, and I do feel it’s improving VERY slowly. I expected it to take a long time so just waiting it out. And in the meantime, as you can tell, I’m working on building my self esteem with or without acne.

      Thanks for commenting! I’d love to hear your story 🙂


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