My Most Embarrassing Acne Story

embarrassed about acne

I got this idea from a forum on  I told this story there, but thought it was so gruesome, it was worthy of retelling here on the old blogaroo.

My most embarrassing acne story…ugh, I don’t even want to think about it again because it was so tragic.  But, here goes.

A few years ago when my acne was severe with lots of whiteheads, I was working really long hours for my boss.  We worked out of her house.  My skin was so bad that if I felt a pimple in the morning, I knew it would turn into a full fledged giant honking whitehead by the end of the day.  On this particular day we were working so late that she insisted I go inside and eat dinner with her family.  I knew I had one pimple in particular that was in full fledged honking mode right on my cheek kind of by my mouth.  Every time I smiled I could feel it.  I really didn’t want to be that close up and personal with her family while I looked like that.  But, I couldn’t really get out of it.

Embarrassing Pimples skindeepstory.comHere is where it gets really embarrassing.  Throughout dinner I tried to ignore my face and the especially terrible whitehead which actually hurt at that point.  I remember we were just talking and eating dinner and her 3 year old son said “you have a booboo.”  I immediately knew that the eating and talking had actually caused my pimple to pop!  Right at the dinner table.  O.M.Gaaaaaaawwwwlly!!

I don’t even remember how I handled it.  I think I just got up, went to the bathroom to get a tissue to blot the blood, and tried not to actually cry in front of anyone.  I felt like not only did I completely embarrass myself, but I probably spoiled their dinner.  No one wants potatoes with a side of zit.

Ugh…that was not fun to re-live.  But, I hope you folks enjoyed.  Oh the plague of acne!!

I will say, despite how much I complain and get depressed about my skin, I am so grateful it has humbled me and made me a much better person.  If you can’t laugh at your problems then all you’ll do fester in your own self loathing.  I try to choose the former but I’ll admit, sometimes I just need to fester.

Do you have an embarrassing acne story you want to share?!  Let me know in the comments below.



Daily Affirmation: My skin makes me stronger and wiser every day.


3 responses to “My Most Embarrassing Acne Story

  1. Hi, Sierra!

    I just stumbled on some of your posts on and thought I’d check out your blog!

    Thanks for being so open and honest about your journey through acne. I can relate on multiple levels! Especially feeling like acne keeps you from living life. Sometimes I completely avoid activities and people just because I don’t want to look them in the face.

    After trying every under the radar, all natural treatment I can find, I’m back to trying to locate a dermatologist who can at least consider prescribing me spironolactone.

    I live in Los Angeles as well, and all the doctors I’ve met with don’t even know what spironolactone is, and when they read who/what it’s typically prescribed for – they look at me like I’m crazy!

    Did you have trouble finding a doctor willing to prescribe spirono? Who are you seeing now? Most of the meds you mentioned in a post I had never even heard of… definitely a first for me!

    Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! And please keep blogging! I’m finding it very inspirational!


    • Hi Clara!

      So happy you visited my blog 🙂 Being open about my skin has been my savior. I was so ashamed before I started talking and writing about it. I can totally relate to avoiding people and activities. I lost friends and I even lost my job because of my acne. I was just too embarrassed and depressed to be a good friend and employee.

      Anyway, I lucked out with my dermatologist! I see Dr. Higham at Mid Valley Dermatology. Spiro wasn’t his initial recommendation but after I explained that I’ve tried everything under the sun already, he agreed to it. They are strict about getting bloodwork done if you are on spironolactone, which I actually appreciate because they are being really safe with your health.

      They are located in Sherman Oaks. Here’s their website:

      Would love to know if you decide to go see them and how everything goes for you.

      Sending lots of love and light your way!


  2. Stacy

    Hi Sierra, I posted a while back. I tried spiro for about a month only, and a really low dose 25mg. i was planning on upping the dose when i saw my gyn who prescribed it. anyway, started getting severe migraine headaches that continued for 3 weeks. I decided to stop the spiro thinking maybe they were the cause though it is a really rare side effect (though possible, maybe from dehydration), anyway, headaches continued for another week but have been gone now. in the meantime i saw a dermatologist who basically wanted to put me back on spiro plus antibiotics plus topical retinol and some other stuff. i told her no antibiotics and i wasn’t ready to try spiro again and that is basically all she could recommend, i have been using topical only on my face and i have had some improvement..

    anyway, my most embarassing story goes back maybe 20 years, i decided to go to the clinique counter in the department store to buy something to cover my acne and the woman that worked at the counter told me before i wear any makeup i should go home and just work on cleaning my face! I was so mortified. she clearly was an idiot but she crushed me truly. also i hated when garbage pail kids came out because there was this one with horrible acne called ghastly ashley and some other name and i was teased that that was me 😦 oh high school years sucked as far as teasing went.

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