My Most Embarrassing Acne Story

embarrassed about acne

I got this idea from a forum on  I told this story there, but thought it was so gruesome, it was worthy of retelling here on the old blogaroo.

My most embarrassing acne story…ugh, I don’t even want to think about it again because it was so tragic.  But, here goes.

A few years ago when my acne was severe with lots of whiteheads, I was working really long hours for my boss.  We worked out of her house.  My skin was so bad that if I felt a pimple in the morning, I knew it would turn into a full fledged giant honking whitehead by the end of the day.  On this particular day we were working so late that she insisted I go inside and eat dinner with her family.  I knew I had one pimple in particular that was in full fledged honking mode right on my cheek kind of by my mouth.  Every time I smiled I could feel it.  I really didn’t want to be that close up and personal with her family while I looked like that.  But, I couldn’t really get out of it.

Embarrassing Pimples skindeepstory.comHere is where it gets really embarrassing.  Throughout dinner I tried to ignore my face and the especially terrible whitehead which actually hurt at that point.  I remember we were just talking and eating dinner and her 3 year old son said “you have a booboo.”  I immediately knew that the eating and talking had actually caused my pimple to pop!  Right at the dinner table.  O.M.Gaaaaaaawwwwlly!!

I don’t even remember how I handled it.  I think I just got up, went to the bathroom to get a tissue to blot the blood, and tried not to actually cry in front of anyone.  I felt like not only did I completely embarrass myself, but I probably spoiled their dinner.  No one wants potatoes with a side of zit.

Ugh…that was not fun to re-live.  But, I hope you folks enjoyed.  Oh the plague of acne!!

I will say, despite how much I complain and get depressed about my skin, I am so grateful it has humbled me and made me a much better person.  If you can’t laugh at your problems then all you’ll do fester in your own self loathing.  I try to choose the former but I’ll admit, sometimes I just need to fester.

Do you have an embarrassing acne story you want to share?!  Let me know in the comments below.



Daily Affirmation: My skin makes me stronger and wiser every day.